Nina Kristiina Honkanen

Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri
Euroopan EMDR-yhdistyksen akkredioima EMDR-terapeutti

Oksasenkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

+358 40 8374287

Foundation for healing

The first phase in trauma – and EMDR – therapy, STABILISATION, is enormously important. When we learn in an emphatic relationship with the therapist to give room to the stuck, most often to the early trauma related bodily and emotional experiences – reactions – states, that is, to the wounded inner child, we prepare a way to an inner transformation towards a well – functioning adult. When we learn to observe what happens within us, to identify and verbalize our beliefs – emotions – sensations, to acknowledge them and to pursue a loving connection with them, the transformation can begin. In other words, we learn to keep ourselves in a dual consciousness; which means that at the same time as we experience what we experience, we notice what we experience and remain present and well-grounded here and now in a loving connection with what we experience. We learn to become a “good parent” for our inner child. We strengthen the well-functioning adult within.

Then it is safe to process the trauma for example with EMDR.