Individual Therapy for adults in Finnish, Swedish and English!


The most important principle in all of my therapy work is a holistic body-mind-spirit -idea of us as human beings, an understanding that we are, above all, spiritual beings and that everyone is their own best expert. My aim is to help clients to become aware of, to aknowledge, to accept and finally even to change their non-functional beliefs to better functioning ones.

In my work I use a variation of Socratic Dialogue, EMDR-therapy, work with the Inner Child and thoughts from Trauma Therapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

I neither prescribe medications nor write medical reports.

In my therapy practise it is not possible to get the rehabilitation psychotherapy of Kela,

but Kela provides reimbursement for part of the fees charged by doctors in private practice. 


Nina Kristiina Honkanen

Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri
Sertifioitu EMDR-terapeutti

Oksasenkatu 3b, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

+358 40 8374287